The Importance of Creating a Brand ‘Standpoint’

At a time when there is so much to choose from online, it is undeniable that standing out from the crowd for the right reasons, has never been so important.

Whilst every project is different and we adapt our working process to complement that, the approach we take to our discovery phase remains the same. Clients have aspirations and lots of ideas to lead them to online success, usually from analysing direct competitors and copying them or trying to do one better!

It is our job to soak all of this in and take it back to the basics. Asking why they exist? Their mission? Why they are better than the competition? Why are they different?. Ultimately why would someone choose them over another brand. All this leads to a strong foundation on which to build upon, which we call ‘a brand standpoint’. This is how you clearly differentiate your brand in the mind of your customer, to assist them in making a choice. From here we are able to make decisions based on facts and gain insights, knowing your audience and finding the right channels to engage with them is the key to success. Without all the time and effort spent discovering who you are and what you stand for we simply wouldn’t get there.

To give an example. Huit denim make jeans and nothing else, because that is what they are good at. They have created a brand story which gives the customer a reason to choose and buy from them. Every pair are hand crafted by experts using the best materials, this really matters to their customers because lots of people are willing to pay a lot of money for a pair of jeans steeped in history and that are made by true experts of their craft. A lovely touch from the brand is that every pair of jeans are signed by the individual who made them, because ‘Artists always sign their work…