A Day in the Life of a Digital Marketing Intern

As undergraduate students enter their final year of university, it’s a scary time. Deciding what to do when the student bubble finally bursts is a daunting task, not helped by the fact that there seems to be a rising number of graduates unable to take that first step on the career ladder.

Hannah realised she needed more experience. You’re never going to really know what something is like until you try it for yourself. Over the course of the summer, she managed to find a few different placements, and then in September, just a week before heading back to Dublin for her final year, we had Hannah in the office to experience a working week at Impression!

SO How did you spend your week?

I was kept pretty busy and taught a lot. For example, I learnt how to use Google Analytics and AdWords in order to compile monthly reports for clients. I was also given the responsibility of creating copy for a client’s social media account. During the week I experienced how the company both worked with existing clients and tried to gain new ones, as I participated in a client meeting and a pitch.

What was the most interesting part?

Gaining insight into the development of a website was fascinating. I enjoyed seeing how the team could take a brief and transform it into a stunning and practical website, guiding it through all the stages of research, development, and testing. So much thought and care goes into the process – I will never look at a website the same way again!

Did you enjoy working at Impression?

Absolutely – it was a great office environment and everyone was so welcoming and helpful. Because of the open-plan office and camaraderie between us all, everything felt like a team effort, which was lovely. What’s more, Brucey the Dog kept everyone motivated and smiling!

Would you consider a career in a digital agency?

Definitely. I really think agency life is for me, because I enjoy feeling like I’m constantly learning, so the challenge of working for a range of different clients with a whole new set of issues and needs is exciting. In a similar vein, this is what’s appealing about working in the digital industry, which is constantly evolving and is increasingly important to every business, everywhere.

What would your advice be to someone in a similar position?

Whatever career you’re interested in, research businesses in your area that work in that sector, and then get in touch with them. Or ask friends and family members if they know anyone who works in that industry. It doesn’t take much to ask, and you never know what may come of it. Even just a week can be enough to give you a flavour of what it’s really like, and that will help so much with that daunting decision making process. Good luck!

Hannah x