How To Become An Influencer On Instagram

Images are the currency of great advertising, and nowhere are images more worshiped and ignored than the internet. Instagram is a powerful, up-and-coming tool in the social media marketing mix, particularly for consumer-oriented brands in sectors such as fashion, food and lifestyle. So if you’re not already engaging with users on this platform, it’s likely you’re missing a trick.

To help you maximise the impact of your Instagram account, we have a few tips on how to become an influencer in your market:


Know Your Audience

Taking haphazard photos of food, days out and interesting make-up sessions should be left to the average Instagram user. A scattergun approach to your Insta-feed won’t do you any favours; like a core magazine audience, your followers crave content dedicated to a specific theme or agenda.

Relevance is key here – a fashion retailer posting photos of quirky street graffiti will look out of place, unless it’s part of a shoot. Understand your audience, know your niche, and stick to it. A misty view of a field at sunrise, for instance, makes sense if you provide fresh farming produce or you run a travel site.


Hone Your Hashtags

Hashtagging is a serious art that carries a lot of weight in the digital world. As well as giving your posts personality, they also help users find your content. So be selective when choosing your hashtags, to ensure you reach the right audience.

Generic hashtags like #TBT and #goals just won’t cut it. Try focusing on the specific aspects of what you do, and how an image relates to it, without excluding people who might stumble over #freshnewlook by accident.

This is just a blueprint for your imagination to run wild, so use inventive phrases now and then, along with more general tags as anchors. Don’t overdo it either – around three or five should be fine per post.


Start Conversations

Let’s just say you’re on top of your Instagram schedule: a couple of posts a day, plenty of creative imagery, a focused brand message bursting with colour and interesting perspectives. It’s likely that people will be commenting on your posts, which signals it’s time to peek out from behind your photographs and communicate with them directly.

Replying to the occasional query or positive comment reminds your audience that you’re interested in what they have to say. You could even encourage others to post content with your own dedicated hashtag, to begin building a community. By engaging users, you can turn followers into fans, to strengthen your brand image even further.

As marketing moves ever closer into the here and now, you need to invest time and energy into building and <a href="https://www.weareimpression This”>maintaining brand awareness – whatever your industry. The beauty of Instagram is the immediacy of it; no other platform can say so much with so little, meaning the potential return on investment is huge.

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