How to capture interest this Christmas

Undoubtedly, many ventures see the Christmas run-up as a crucial time in their business calendar – perhaps the most crucial of all. Over many weeks, the festive hype builds and stokes the interest of consumers, all of whom are desperate to land the right gifts for their loved ones.

People are prepared to fork out a lot of money at this juncture in the year, and you really should whet their appetite as best you can. Since 40% of shoppers start their Christmas search as early as October, now is the point at which your marketing strategy should be kicking in.

Search marketing

To draw in the relevant demographic, it’s vital to publish content that touches on the right keywords for the season. Creating gift guides for men, women and teenagers, for example, will fire your prospects’ imaginations, while making you easier to find on a search engine.

Queries including the word “gift” rise threefold in December; SEO can drive significant traffic if you have a good grounding beforehand. However, try PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising to boost your online presence over this period… it will place your business at the top of the search results for essential predominance above other websites.

Tailored landing pages

As your digital marketing lays its hooks into consumer interest, you should ensure traffic doesn’t get lost en route to a sale. Any links through to your website should take the customer directly to what they’re looking for, especially when investing in a PPC campaign.

For this reason, it’s a wise idea to create dedicated landing pages that categorise your products into different niches. Optimised pages of gifts for her, gifts for him, gifts for couples and gifts for kids will make it quick and easy for potential customers to find products for the right person.

A final push

Customers may start researching way in advance of Christmas itself, but many take days or even weeks to make a decision. 53% of UK consumers compare prices and features online when deciding what to buy.

Cookies track the activity of anyone who lands on your web pages. It’s like claiming a digital fingerprint of whatever they’re interested in, allowing you to remarket your products on the search engines and social media. A Google-certified partner, like us, can help you ramp up your remarketing activity as Christmas approaches, leaving you enough time to meet online orders and delivery windows.

As the year wraps up, Christmas represents a final, big landslide of sales prospects, providing you launch the right marketing strategy. The season can be a lynchpin of your projected income, so it’s vital to know that your promo campaign is in safe hands.

Impression are well-placed to get your digital strategy on track for the Christmas rush, funnelling this momentum towards a healthy conversion rate. Get in touch to discover the real extent of our marketing know-how, and how this Christmas could be a winner…