Creating a Captivating About Page

Self-promotion is something that a lot of us struggle with. It may be simple enough to emphasise your USPs throughout your website, but when it comes to the About page many businesses hit a wall. Rather than pouring enthusiasm into their team and story, they relegate it to a bland company history that gives no impression of the people behind the web page.

As a matter of fact, this page usually receives the most traffic on a website, which makes putting some effort into making it memorable worthwhile. But how do you create a captivating About Us that drives results?

Tell a Story

Stories are a powerful way to connect with people. Brands with a compelling story have a unique edge over the competition. Even if your products and services are pretty much the same, by aligning yourself with your target audience and giving your brand a personality, potential customers are far more likely to choose you.

Whether you’ve been in the business longer than Bruce Forsyth or you’re a start-up brimming with ambition and ideas, weave key information about your company history into a story that will captive the reader.

Your story doesn’t need to be paragraphs long. In fact, impactful wording illustrated with bespoke graphics can tell your story in a matter of seconds.


Make it Visual

This leads us on to our next point. Most people are visual learners, so vast information about what you do, who you work with, and where you operate could get lost in realms of content. To break up the text and demonstrate basic information in a more interesting format, icons and infographics are an ideal way to enhance your About page.



Introduce Yourself

Branding is a great way to give your business a personality. But nothing beats a personal touch when connecting with an audience. If you’ve got a relatively small team, take the time to introduce them. A visual section featuring pictures, names and short bios will boost the credibility of your business, and build trust with potential customers.



Be Passionate

Don’t just explain what you do, communicate why you do it. Even if you get out of bed in a morning with a thirst to make money, think about what else you love about your business.

What drives you and your team to give 100% every day? And how can this benefit your customers or clients? Be passionate and believe in your business, and your customers will too.



Your About page is a fantastic opportunity to unashamedly shout about how great your business is, so don’t waste it. Transform key information into engaging copy that connects with your audience; break up the text with eye-catching visuals and professional web design. In doing so, you can ensure that your most-visited web page makes a lasting impression on your visitors