Elegant Design Tips for Content-Heavy Pages

Elegant Design Tips for Content-Heavy Pages

There’s no denying that content is still king, and will be for the foreseeable future – especially in the eyes of Google. However, securing and retaining readers’ attention is a crucial challenge to overcome if content is to deliver on the objectives and expectations of your website. Dull text-heavy pages with large blocks of copy risk losing the reader’s attention – or scaring them off altogether.

To ensure that your content doesn’t miss the mark, we’ve got some expert design tips on how design can break up blocks of text, to make it easy on the eye and easily digestible.


Engaging, Bold Straplines

Help headlines and straplines jump off the page by combining engaging copy with striking design. Bold, beautiful fonts in web design can have a powerful impact, and really hit home the ethos of your brand.
A brilliant example of straplines done well can be found at Deutser. The dramatic appearance of their headings is enhanced by the colour contrast of their web design.

Similarly, Hyperquake makes an impact with its headers, mixing capitalisation and colours throughout to keep readers interested when browsing their website.


Podded Content

Updating your website regularly with fresh content is crucial for SEO and user engagement. But how do you organise this in a visual, accessible manner? Podded content is a brilliant way to present key links and resources, as demonstrated by the BBC website.

BBC website design

Imagery and Strong Titles

Most people are visual learners, so place a strong emphasis on imagery throughout your website, from the home page to the blog. Partner high quality images with high impact titles to break up text and encourage visitors to read on.

To see this powerful combination in action, you only need to look at Esquire, which features striking images and attention-grabbing titles on every page.

 Esquire website design inspiration


Strong, Clear Navigation

Don’t confuse your target audience with complex site maps. Make browsing simple by establishing clear, logical navigation from the start. A great example of this done well can be found at Acme World.

Acme website design


Spacing and Scrolling

Acme World also leads the way with spacing and scrolling. Continuous scrolling allows the website to space out content nicely, complemented by fading and imagery to make it accessible and aesthetically pleasing.

Great design and quality content go hand in hand. Powerful, bold and engaging straplines can make or break a business and how it’s perceived. Don’t let a stunning website design be let down by poorly written copy – ensure that one pairs perfectly with the other.

For blog posts and information pages deeper into your website’s page structure, well-written long copy can bring wide-ranging benefits for your search engine ranking and brand engagement.

Follow these tips when creating or updating your online presence, to ensure that content-heavy pages have an impact on your audience.