How to develop a steadfast digital strategy

Strategy in general can be perplexing, clients are often confused about what it is and what it takes to develop one.

So when defining and creating a digital strategy, marketers and agencies must convey to a strategy follows a structure, talks to a target audience and has a centeral idea. Also that profit and ROI are outcomes, not the strategy itself.

With all this in mind here’s our key five stages and questions to ask when developing a steadfast digital strategy.

Plan and Assess

What do you want to achieve for your brand?

Review all aspects of your brand, consideration the following five points:

1)       Presence, a brand’s social footprint

2)       Influence, how much of the brand messaging does the target audience absorb?

3)       Perception, emotional reaction to the brand

4)       ‘Viral’ity, organic conversation between the brand and the target audience

5)       Resonance, reaction to brand’s communications

Following a 360 audit of a brand’s equity, you must review and segment your target audience. A segmented audience allows for more targeted communication and higher response.

Next steps…

Create your key message

The questions to ask are:

1)       What’s the meaning to my story?

2)       Why does my target audience care about my story?

3)       What emotions surrounding my story?

4)       How does my story connect to the emotional needs of my target audience?

5)       How does my story motivate my target audience to act?

A brand narrative or story is what drives a target audience to act.

Choose the right platform

In conjunction with developing the messaging and creative, start to think about what platform and technology you can utilise to leverage your strategy. When making this decision think of your target audience consider their age, geographic location and lifestyle. Tailor your tools to your target audience based on their behaviour patterns.

Ask yourself…

1)       How do my target audience find information about my brand?

2)       What social platforms do they use?

3)       What’s the purpose of the social platforms and technology they use?

4)       How does social media and technology play into our mobile strategy?

5)       What makes me better from the rest?

Creating Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) by channel, across platform is extremely important during this phase. Understand what you want from each channel: awareness, engagement or online sales etc, it’s an important, be realistic in your expectations.

Engage and Cultivate

The root of success in a digital strategy is to be consistent and realistic. Have a presence across major platforms, this will ensure that you’re on track to meet KPIs.

Tips to engage and cultivate:

1)       Develop an engagement timeline: build a calendar that shows your brand’s marketing efforts across the channels you are leveraging.

2)       Be consistent, maintain your narrative and messaging across all channels so that current and future audiences can connect with your brand.

Engage with your target audience by connecting with their personal lives and experiences. Follow human behaviour, don’t build walls, increase friction and decrease participation.

Measure and Evaluate

The golden goose of engagement is to create customer feedback or communication. Success will spiral through continual evaluation and strategy adaptation based on the information gathered.

So remember, measure everything!

Tools such as Spredfast, Radian 6 can monitor social success or Tweetreach can provide social data and it’s free!

Continual evaluation of your strategy will ensure future effectiveness in your digital marketing efforts.

Ciao for now!

Impression DP