4 Key Trends Your Business Should Watch in 2016

As businesses brace themselves for the festive season, it’s a stark reminder that we’ve nearly reached the end of 2015 – already! With the year fast coming to a close, now is the perfect time to take stock of the progress your organisation has made in the past 12 months, and what your strategy is for the year ahead.

2016 is set to be a year of exciting developments, particularly in the digital world. To ensure that you stay abreast of these changes and don’t get left behind, here are a few key trends to watch out for:


The Rise of Wearables

Mobilegeddon will pale into significance in 2016, as the sophistication of the wearables market brings a whole new set of challenges to brands and marketers. Mobile apps for devices such as the Apple Watch will enable forward-thinking brands to get one step ahead in the industry. And with wearables set to have an adoption rate of over 25% next year, it’s a fantastic opportunity to carve out a new niche for your business.




Automation Processes

If Back to the Future Day taught us anything, it’s that we’ve come a lot further than we think since the 80s. Sure, we may not be riding around on hoverboards just yet, but developments such as artificial intelligence are a major achievement in the tech industry.

In 2016 (and beyond), we’re increasingly going to see businesses using machines, digital assistants and autonomous software to complete and supervise tasks. Whilst some processes are best kept manual, in other areas AI can secure tangible cost savings and efficiencies within organisations.




Smarter Searches

Google is a pioneer in the world of artificial intelligence, demonstrated by the introduction of RankBrain to its algorithm processes. Whilst the immediate impact of this is somewhat muted, long-term the ability to connect users with the exact answers and information they seek is game-changing. Ultimately, it means that businesses must step up their SEO techniques and create relevant content that Google continues to rank highly.




Motion and Animation

As the use of mobile makes high-impact content more important, video is strengthening its position in the marketing mix by the minute. From innovative animations to explainer videos, motion will pay dividends for businesses that invest in video sooner rather than later. As video advertising becomes more accessible, and users become more accepting of motion content, the return on investment in 2016 is expected to be lucrative.

Technology is the engine driving developments in the digital world, giving consumers what they want and savvy business owners the opportunity to seize upon these expectations and demands. From memorable advertising to efficient business processes, bear these trends in mind when planning your strategy for 2016, to gain a competitive advantage over the next 12 months.