DD UX / Part 2 – ‘Mobile First’ The Real Meaning

So for the second part in this 3 part series, I’ll be looking at the real meaning of ‘Mobile First’, a phrase which gets passed around and heard a lot, but never really fully understood.

User experience is its own right would suggest that planning and designing for mobile is not all about getting as much information and content onto a small canvas, for the experience to be pleasing we need to look at how we arrive at the content from a functional and intuitive point of view. To simplify what I mean by this, we could describe it as a student not having a very pleasant experience taking a 4 hour exam on their phone, but they would find a 5 minute quiz easy enough to complete.

It is working at a mobile scale first that creates analysts, strategists and designers to think more creatively about how to tackle problems and identify possibilities. With mobile traffic increasing daily, prioritising the user experience on a mobile phone has never been so important. A large in-house UX team nowadays could consist of:

– Interaction Designers

– User Research Analysts

– UX Strategists

– Information Architecture Managers

– User Interface Designers

– Content Strategists

– Front End UX Developers

It is these specialist disciplines that come together and really push the boundaries in an iterative process, to acquire best practice UX across digital products. Finally to finish this little series of articles, I’ll be looking at how customer journey mapping can significantly improve user experience. Keep your eyes peeled for it soon…