Expert eCommerce Tips On Common Pitfalls

Shopping online has thoroughly eclipsed high street sales, and for good reason. It’s more convenient for the customer, and more profitable for the business, which is why we’re eager to see every retailer use an eCommerce site to its full potential. When investing in your online store, however, there are certain pitfalls that all too many retailers fall into.

An experienced web design agency like ours can help you get it right first time, and give you the confidence to compete with big names in the market. Here are a few pitfalls that we can help you avoid when designing your eCommerce platform:

Driven to distraction

The most successful eCommerce sites are clean, simple and easy to use. So you should avoid distracting your customers from key features with irrelevant details. Most online shoppers skim a website for the information or products they need – agencies that overcomplicate web design risk turning customers off from the start.

Links to product categories, limited offers and your shopping cart must have bold, eye-catching design. Images can enrich your site, but avoid creative imagery that doesn’t relate back to your products, or you could risk confusing the message and focus of your site.

Underestimating reviews

The average consumer has a nose for duplicity. Nowadays, it’s easy to spot faux ‘customer’ reviews from Jane in Brighton, or Dave in Sutcliffe, so avoid the temptation of fabricating on the truth – it will only backfire.

Genuine customer reviews can influence whether or not a product penetrates the retail market. Leading retailers like Amazon have no qualms about placing reviews right beside what they’re selling. It’s a democratic way of reflecting the quality and value you provide. So if you’re confident in what you have to offer, encourage customers to leave reviews.

Short-changing products

To tempt customers over the finishing line, it’s vital to give them the complete picture on what to expect from the product they are buying. Low-resolution pictures and vague descriptions that give no sense of how an item will be used, by whom, and in what context will plant a seed of doubt in customers’ minds.

As capricious as consumers can be, one thing is certain: engaging product descriptions, accompanied by high quality images, will build trust with your customers, and give them the insights (and inspiration!) they need to make a purchasing decision. So work to give your products the presentation they deserve.

The surest route to having a successful ecommerce platform is to think like the people you’re trying to reach. Are you niche? Great, use that to your advantage. Are you affordable? Brilliant – play up an inclusive tone. Since every online retailer has its own unique selling points, we can’t give you a blanket policy for making a splash online, but we’d love to talk about what might suit you best.

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