Four Steps To SEO Elevation

In the diverse, saturated and seemingly limitless scope of online content, one marketing strategy has proven itself above all others. It’s still the tactic that businesses are most familiar with, even if they don’t know quite how it works. Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, remains the clincher for getting a brand noticed on the web.

Imforza has revealed that 70-80% of consumers ignore paid Google ads, preferring to click on organic results – those that have made their way up the rankings based on relevance. If you’re embarking on a SEO campaign, here are four steps to making the most of such a powerful approach:

1. Know what your audience looks for

Initially, your research should be centred on learning what your ideal customer is searching for. Consumers have a tendency to go for very specific search terminology, so it’s a waste of time to shoot in the dark for keywords they might be interested in.

To pinpoint them, you must identify your target demographic, and break down the buying cycle into key stages. An experienced SEO agency, like ours, can then use analytical tools to collate a mix of keywords, phrases and search queries that capture interest at each stage of the customer journey. 

2. Research your competitors

The next step consists of investigating your competitors. If they’re at the top of the search engine tree, their site and blog content will be fairly strong. It’s important to gain an understanding of their site map and keywords. In doing so, you can not only strive to overtake them in the rankings; you can also identify missed opportunities waiting to be snapped up.

3. Create a content footprint

Content plays a key role in any SEO strategy. With analytics to support it, and a firm grasp of what your target customers want to see, you can integrate keywords into high quality, relevant content that will generate organic traffic for your website.

However, don’t blanket your text too much with the same two or three phrases, or cram them in out of context. They must be spread between tags, headers and body text, and supported by quality links where appropriate. Agencies that apply black hat techniques risk tarring your website with a Google penalty, wiping you off the search results.

4. Track the performance

Even with all of this foresight, there is always room for improvement. Failing to measure the impact of your campaign will nullify the effort spent on the previous three stages.

To ensure your SEO campaign is working, it’s vital to set and measure KPIs, such as organic traffic, enquiries or sales. This data forms a cogent imprint of what customers are paying attention to. If some areas of your plan are weaker than others, there’s plenty of room to rectify them, but you have to acknowledge their existence first.


Nowadays, no business can afford to ignore the role of SEO in online marketing. A considered approach to search engine optimisation will ensure that your website is elevated on key search platforms, especially with the support of a Google Partner agency like Impression. Want to rise up the rankings? Get in touch with us today.