The Importance of Good Copy

First impressions count, especially online. However, this age-old truism doesn’t restrict itself to design – much as we care about appearances in our line of work. Good design is pointless if the content undermines carefully thought out branding, which makes it essential to invest in quality content that thoroughly maps out your agenda and expertise.

Let’s take a look at the importance of good copy for brands, and how to make a lasting impression with your content.

Clear and concise

It’s common sense that your content should be free from typos and grammatical errors, but in the crowded online marketplace, that isn’t going to entice anyone to read your blog post or web page over a competitor’s. Time has always been a precious commodity, so it’s crucial to keep your copy concise and to the point, with a clear message and focus throughout. Going off on a tangent about a personal experience or trying to shoehorn several big ideas into one piece is only going to turn readers off.

Choose a topic and stick to it as faithfully as possible throughout; remember, you can always create a series of blogs, emails or a dedicated web page for a related product or service, which will also contribute to improving your search engine ranking.

Understand your demographic

Similarly, it’s important to write about topics and issues that your audience wants to read about. You may be fascinated by politics, entertainment or the latest news of your business, but do your followers share the same interests?

Understand your demographic and create relevant, engaging content around those subjects. You can learn more about your audience by gathering data on their engagement with blog posts, newsletters and social media content; listen to this feedback and harness it when updating your content strategy,

Define and reinforce your brand

Content, like design, is a crucial element of your branding, which makes it vital to stay on-brand when creating content for your online and offline channels. As consumers become more difficult to please, strong and consistent branding is the cornerstone of any successful company.

Use your content to define and reinforce your brand; develop a tone of voice that complements your design, and ensure that every touchpoint is singing from the same hymn sheet. In doing so, you’ll strengthen your brand proposition and begin to build a rapport with new and existing customers.

Drive home objectives

The above points are all fundamental to the importance of copywriting, but we know that the end goal is delivering on your business objectives. As a result, it’s vital to keep these in mind when writing content.

What action are you trying to inspire – an online sale, a physical visit, a consultation or simply an enquiry? Make sure that you close the deal and offer an incentive to act when rounding off your copy, to maximise the return on investment your content strategy delivers.

Content is a crucial component of any digital marketing campaign, sorting the successful brands from those that flounder in the saturated realm of online content. Paired with beautiful design and a visible online presence, good copy can have a powerful impact for any business in 2016.

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