Lara Jade, Fashion Photographer and Timmy, from Accounts…

Recently New York based fashion photographer, Lara Jade credited for working with fashion media giants, Harper Collins, Harrods Magazine and Vogue, took on a challenge. The challenge, for Lara to work with an everyday low grade piece of equipment and still shoot beautiful photography. The tools supplied for the challenge were not just any low grade piece of equipment, but a toddlers 0.3 pixel camera. This challenge would be the real test of any true elite photographer. Lara and her repertoire of skills succeeded, but not without a struggle. Lara commented that at the end of the challenge she felt reconnected her with her photography roots and has rediscovered what it means to take a really great picture. You can watch Lara’s challenge unfold here…

So we’ve been thinking about the value of the visual and how really great images, can make a website and how really bad images can break a really great website. We’ve lost many-a-website to the realms of bad photography and we want this to stop. We want to shout from the roof tops and tell the world about how much beautiful imagery means to us and to your customers! Time and time again clients have come to us with a great need, desire and want to have a website that is image lead. Clients that want the Patrona, clients want the Candy Kitten. But when push comes to shove, when we design, develop and deliver their website, the client sends Timmy from accounts out with a disposable to take a few snaps, scan to email and we’re left, mouths open, hearts on the floor, trying to make the best out of a dogs dinner.

We love visual mind-blowing websites, with imagery that does nothing to distract from our clients unique selling point. So let us help you, to help us, so we can help each other, recognise the value of a professional photography and the state of the art tools that are at their disposal, because if Lara struggled then Timmy certainly will.

Here’s a selections of some of our best image lead websites, just to display what can be done!

Ciao for now!

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