Link Building for SEO: Generating High Quality Links

Link building has evolved considerably over the years, and it’s crucial to keep up if you want to stay in Google’s good books. Last week, we explored how PR and SEO go hand in hand. However, public relations isn’t the only way to generate links to your site. And to get the best results from your SEO strategy, backlinks must be of a high quality.

Let’s take a look at the key characteristics of a good quality link, and how to drive successful backlinking to your website.

The Basics of Link Building

 Link-building involves generating links to your website from external sites, such as news publications, blogs and directories. The more links leading to your site, the more popular it’s deemed by Google. Hence, early SEO strategies focused on securing as many links as possible, without giving much consideration to their relevance.
Over the years, Google has refined its algorithms to target the barrage of spammy backlinks. Quantity is no longer Queen – the quality of those links now determines the success or failure of this strategy. What’s more, if your website becomes associated with waves of spam or poor backlinks, your search engine ranking could suffer.

Characteristics of Quality Backlinks

So what makes a quality backlink stand out from a bad one? Firstly, it’s important to consider the source of the link. Trusted, authoritative domains such as the BBC or Guardian are like gold dust for backlinking, but you don’t need to set your goals that high to begin with.

If the site and content that the link stems from is relevant, Google will give your link the attention it deserves. For example, if a removal company secured links from the websites of estate agents, this would do wonders for SEO.

However, it’s not just the website itself that is important – content is key too. The link must be relevant to the topic or title covered in the blog, web page or press release, with original anchor text that fits naturally within the text. Good content creates good links – another reason why quality content is crucial for SEO.

Securing Successful Backlinks

But short of bribing domains to feature your website, how do you secure backlinks that will boost SEO? Make your online presence too good for them to resist. Regular blogging, quality press releases, and strong social media will all draw attention to your site, and encourage other brands and influencers to reference you in their content.

Taking the topic back to PR, targeting your efforts at one or two high authority blogs or publications, with tailored anchor text within the press releases, will have a much better impact long-term than broadcasting generic content to numerous sites.

So there you have it – a whirlwind tour of the importance of quality over quantity when it comes to back-linking, and how to ensure that your website achieves success through link building strategies.

Still scratching your head? Enlist a team of SEO wizards to whip your search engine ranking into shape.