Luxury brand digital focus – Champagne!

Veuve Cliquot and Moet & Chandon’s sites perfectly convey the idea of luxury on line with their brands, looking both interesting and visually beautiful. They both achieve this with the following:


– An appealing call: Veuve Cliquot made it in making the cliché question about your birth date sound not boring: So Cliquot, So responsible

– Luxury touch and feeling: Moet & Chandon gives a delicious bubbly feeling with all the golden sparkles and lights that frizz around the logo.. It’s like an inside-of-the-bottle view



– Creative, dynamic content with attention to details: The “key dates” of the history of the house Veuve Cliquot are all eye candy: a retro pop up story that takes you through the house’s history, while the bottom bar scrolls from left to right touching the key dates. Moet & Chandon has a dynamic timeline too, conveying throughout the imagery  the idea of sparkly and bubbly that’s o ne of the main graphic themes of the site. Smart storytelling.


– Choosing the right icon for an iconic brand: Take a look at the beautiful Moet & Chandon campaign starring Scarlett Johansson, photos by (the amazing) Tim Walker. They wanted to get images that could embody the sense of glamour, grandeur and generosity ineherent to the brand: they got them.



– Information, please: both brands give good exhaustive info about their products, that come along on screen with nice video shoots of the images of the bottles (Moet & Chandon also adds the video of tasting notes by the chef of cave)