Brand perceptions through stunning business card design & print


Exchanged countless times every day between any number of business people, what do you do if you want your business card to stand apart?

Rocca Boutique business cards


One of our earliest niches at Impression DP was designing and printing luxury business cards.  Business cards can be a very personal thing but if you’re someone who would like to make an impression here’s a few tips on how to get the most from your meeting and greeting.


99% of printers can’t print business cards with a paper weight exceeding 400gsm, so knowing the right printer to help is a good start.


Thereafter think thickness, colour and finish and you’re on the right track. We use a specialist technique known as duplexing and triplexing which gives the business card its bespoke weight and depth. As the names implies this involves sticking two or three pieces of card together which can achieve weights of such 540gsm, 700gsm, 840gsm, 1000gsm and even 1400gsm!


Not only does this result in a thick weightier card but different colours of card can be sandwiched together giving a subtle yet elegant (and expensive looking) finish.


Sourcing the right paper stock is also critical and can make the difference between a stylish, sophisticated end product as opposed to gauche and overstated. Colourplan and Naturalis by GF Smith are a couple of our favorites, along with PopSet from Arjowiggins and tauro offset by Robert Horne. Finally Paper Back and its Cairn range offers luxurious texture and depth.


Finally for that extra touch embossing, debossing, hot foil printing, Spot UV or Gold blocking as its sometimes known are also some of our specialities and can add a touch of class to any stationary.


To be inspired check out some of our favourite business cards here…

 Kidult 540gsm business cards

Cloud shaped business cards


 R&W 700gsm Business Cards

700gsm business cards


Osetra Bay Restaurant 700gsm business cards

700 gsm business cards


Alpha Kin 400gsm colourplan foiled business cards

Foiled Business Cards


Urban Legend 660gsm Plike Business Cards

Plike Business Cards duplexed


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