Madonna, Magento and Winning with Woocommerce

If you’re like Madonna, matador red with rage because you feel (are) getting dragged down a flight of stairs backwards, all because you can’t get your Magento website to do what you want, with it’s hard to use, inflexible and downright difficult CMS system. Then STOP the digital rage and feel the love. We’re here, ready and willing to help cure that deep, seething, all-encompassing digital rage with a big dose of WordPress.

I can hear you already, banging on, WordPress is for the losers the self-starters (nothing wrong with that,) the digital day dreamers. I hear you all those people: the ones who think that ecommerce websites can only sit pretty on a Magento platform. Well we say HA; and NO! And woo,woo,woo, Woocommerce (WordPress’ ecommerce plugin) can do everything Magento can do.

Now don’t get us wrong we still are experts in and enjoy working with Magento. It’s a case of horses for courses and the Woocommerce course just happens to be a tad more (a lot more) user friendly. Woocommerce allows you to update your content with ticky boxes, image uploads and cut and paste, rather than in the HTML code, because you know we ain’t all web developers. Magento is owned by EBay and does have glittering history. Since it launch in 2008, it stormed the online retailer’s world and now has 11.91% of the market share.

Woocommerce on the other hand is the new kid on the block, hitting the World Wide Web in 2011 and its popularity is growing considerably. With its user-friendly charm of and adaptable plugins that can give any standard template that je ne sais quoi, oui…

So to really bash this one into shape lets run through what Magento has the Woocommerce doesn’t.

Magento is an open source platform, so is Woocommerce. Magento has the ability to upload and manage unlimited products, you can also do this with Woocommerce *smug*. What’s that I hear you rambling on about? Magento has a premium as well as free version available? Please don’t insult Woocommerce, who also has a pass to the premium club. And before you say it, Woocommerce is also compatible with a variety of different templates, just the same as Magento. Finally BOTH platforms, even Magento are blog friendly.

So there we have it friends, when shopping for your next ecommerce website, remember firstly to give us a call, we can help, also there are plenty of web platform fish in the sea best online project management. Don’t feel chocked and dragged about like poor old Madge, get hold of that cape, drag it back and say “not me Magento, not me!”

Ciao for now!

Impression DP