New brand identity and outlook for Impression

At the back end of September we embarked on a new life for the agency. We took on Andy Ingham, a new senior digital designer and it turned out to be the perfect time to question, analyse and tweak everything we stand for and do.

In our industry we spend so much time and effort positioning our clients brands (and rightly so!) but not that much time is left for ourselves. So after many late nights, we have a new brand identity and outlook to how we approach projects. Looking back at the agency, our clients and the work, from where we were, all have evolved tremendously.

The agency name and logo

We have lost the ‘DP’, unfortunately we were spending far too much money on Dom Pérignon whenever we gained a new client!… Only joking, the ‘DP’ referred to ‘design and print’, we still do an occasional cheeky print job but we are a Creative Digital Design Agency. So from now on We Are Impression.

The new logo aligns the agency with our new positioning perfectly, a sleek, modern feel that doesn’t need to shout and stand out from the roof tops. We are a highly creative agency with a real onus on planning and strategy before any design work starts. It’s only with this research and a bucket load of insight, can we create a website, app or campaign with any meaning or set it on the road to success.

Do we really need a strap line?

No not really, but understanding what we do and why we do it is imperative. Call it what you want, a strap line, positioning statement, company ethos or brand spirit… what we live and abide by we call ‘Elevating Potential’, it simply refers to our approach, process and beliefs. 

We believe any brand can succeed online, you just have to delve in and fully immerse yourself to find that shining light that makes them different. Differentiation is key in today’s world that is saturated with choice. Our client list isn’t full of blue chip, household brands, we love to work with challenger brands that aren’t afraid to go up against the big boys and we see that potential and make people realise it.

It is such an exciting time, with loads of shiny new projects on the cusp of going live, we can’t wait to showcase some great work very soon!