Mobile Website Design

As the android market continues to boom, mobile devices are being increasingly used for internet browsing. Smartphones have become more powerful and affordable and their user ability provided by touchscreens has made them almost as effective as using a regular browser on a desktop.

Creating a mobile friendly website has become paramount for many businesses. Mobile websites are essentially optimized versions of the main website, an alternate version that is enhanced for use on smartphones or similar mobile devices.

Today’s mobile devices are mostly touch-based. Compared to desktop and notebook computers, they have small screens with limited screen resolution. Using a fluid layout can make an enormous difference, spacing links out for example and using simple larger font sizes will provide a clearer view.

Simple call to action buttons such as Click to Call or Click to Email will help guide users more efficiently and the use of graphical buttons rather than text links will be easier for users to touch.

Additionally it is vital that you have fast loading times, if you can’t access the page quickly the chances are that users will navigate away, potentially costing you business.

An area that is undergoing massive growth and development the rules will continually evolve so most importantly remember to refresh and manage your websites regularly, keeping it functional, user friendly and above all else effective.

Here are some example before and after shots to show the vast different in userabiltiy:


If you’d like to discuss taking your business website mobile or upgrading your current mobile website contact us to discuss!