Launching a mammary masterpiece of silicone engineering!

When we heard the full detail behind the product and brand we didn’t know whether to take the enquiry seriously or not!
This project was all about humour and getting creative with the product! We were tasked with creating the Tit Stop branding, character, packaging and ecommerce website design and build. As a phase 2 assist with a robust online marketing strategy to drive sales.



Packaging Creative:

The packaging design we had great fun coming up with all sorts of straplines and cheeky copy to entice the customers in!



Website creative

The home page design introduced Titty the Titstop character on landing to get across the humorous tone to the brand and then further down pushing the hard working product information pushing the user to find out more and make a purchase. 


Tit of the week social media campaign

Our social media content team came up with the concept to have a weekly ‘tit of the week’ competition to generate brand awareness of the products, the brand, Titty the Titstop and ruffle some celebrity feathers to get the online conversion going!

Powerful Content Management System

The website creative uses a simple yet eye catching design while keeping the personality and humor at the heart of the design. The site boasts a 2 click to purchase process and easy checkout process.

Illustrated character creative

We have to say, creating “Titty the Titstop” character has been the most fun we’ve had on a project to date! Hours have been spend floating ideas around, post it notes around the whole office and unstoppable laughing!

“I am NOT a tech savvy person, but the whole team at Impression made it easy for me take this idea for a reality. The whole project is about humor and the creative for the brand, packaging, character and website hit the nail on head and I couldn’t be happier!”