PR and SEO: A Match Made in Heaven

A few years ago, digital pioneers declared public relations dead. With the declining importance of print, many believed that PR would fizzle out along its traditional channels – newspapers and magazines. 

However, as Google’s algorithms become increasingly sophisticated, prioritising high-quality content and high authority links, PR specialists have found a new lease of life in an industry that was once thought to threaten their existence: search engine optimisation.

Let’s take a look at the role of public relations in the digital world, and how PR can be used to boost SEO.

Building Brand Exposure

Public relations has long be used as a way to generate exposure for business, a powerful tool that can shape consumers’ perception of your brand and build credibility in your industry or local area. In this respect, nothing’s changed. If anything, the rise of digital makes standing out from the crowd more important than ever – PR can help you achieve this.

Whilst print media may be on the decline, online publications such as news websites and blogs continue to offer an outlet for PR. With the rise of social media, an article featuring your business could be shared countless times, improving brand visibility and spreading the word about new products, services and achievements.

However, there’s another reason why PR is having something of a renaissance. In recent years, Google has tightened up its algorithms to put an end to keyword-stuffed content and questionable backlinks, forcing businesses to rethink their SEO strategy. As quality dominates over quantity, public relations is becoming increasingly important for search engine optimisation.

PR for SEO Purposes

Creating a regular stream of quality content is central to PR. Press releases are a tried-and-tested way to announce changes, news and developments. They can be published on your news page, and shared on social media to generate traffic to your site.

Press releases can also be targeted at major online publications such a high authority titles like The Guardian Online, to generate media coverage about your brand. Successful PR campaigns can gain coverage on established domains, with links back to your site that will build credibility and improve the authority of your brand. A feature on the Guardian, for example, will give your business exposure and do wonders for your website’s search engine ranking.

Blogger outreach is another example of how PR has evolved. Offering products and services to influential bloggers in your niche can generate original content and high authority links to your website, as well as giving you access to their followers. Not only will online PR outreach benefit SEO – it can also drive sales and expand your audience.

PR is alive and kicking, and as the demand for quality content and credible backlinks grows, public relations is becoming an important part of SEO strategy. By securing coverage from high authority websites and blogs, you can improve the online presence of your brand and climb the search engines. So if you haven’t invested in PR yet, what are you waiting for?