Get Ready – Prepare your business for a busy season

As we delve deeper into the summer holidays, business owners are looking ahead to the new school term, and gearing up for the rush of parents kitting out their kids with uniform, stationery, books, technology and more. However, while demand for school essentials might be at their peak over the next few weeks, savvy organisations know they need a leg-up over the competition to capitalise on the curriculum roll-call.

In the run-up to the seasonal school rush, it pays to invest in bringing your digital marketing up to scratch. Let’s take a look at how you can win top marks by teaming up with a Google Partner such as Impression for this very purpose:


Google Adverts

Online retailers live or die by search engine optimisation, especially when searches for terms like ‘stationery’ rise by 33% in mid-August, and by a staggering 7 times for ‘back to school.’

While improving your organic ranking through SEO techniques takes time, you can instantly boost your visibility during seasonal peaks through Google Adverts. Creating an optimised advert that links to a relevant page on your website – ideally a dedicated ‘back to school’ page – will maximise traffic during these busy periods, with lucrative returns to be made.


Video Marketing

However, we know that in many households, the kids call the shots when choosing their back to school essentials. As 41% of parents watch Youtube videos with their children, video marketing is a safe bet for brands whose target audience is school-goers and their parents.

We’ve written before about why brand videos are such a powerful tool, and this is especially true for young viewers who rely on visual media to make purchasing decisions more than older generations. What’s more, as Youtube is owned by Google, publishing optimised videos on this platform will reinforce your search engine ranking.


Google Remarketing

Of course, few buying decisions are made on the spot, especially when agonising over the best laptop for teens, or the sturdiest desk for growing kids. So when a lead leaves your website, it’s essential to retain and reengage their interest.


Google remarketing allows you to nurture prospects until they are ready to buy. Cookies stored in their browser facilitate retargeting, displaying tailored ads on websites, search engines, social media and more.

There are so many ways to retarget your audience, as you’ll learn in our handy guide. Considering that e-commerce websites have a cart abandonment rate of 68%, it’s a really effective way to draw in those last-minute orders when the September term approaches.


As searches for backpacks, school uniform, stationery and other school essentials soar, businesses are missing a trick if they don’t harness the wonders of digital marketing to stand out from the parade of retailers scrambling for parents’ attention.

Hopefully we’ve given you a flavour of how Google Partners can help you ace your back to school strategy. Our certified agency is proud to offer expertise on the world’s largest search engine, so if you’re looking to be saved by the bell this summer, get in touch to discuss how we can make your sales soar.