Preparing your Online Business for Halloween

For kids and adults alike, Halloween still gets the pulse racing, and its associated industry – fancy dress retailers, sweet vendors, and more – receives a serious boost in the run up to October 31st.

Millions of people part with their cash, and any relevant business should do all it can to capitalise on the urge to throw the best celebrations. Digital marketing, clearly, is the widest net for ensnaring new customers. So if you’re wondering how to ride the Halloween wave, we have some tricks to help you prepare your business for this seasonal treat.


Monsters and misfits fly off the shelves in the weeks leading up to Halloween. On average, there are 5 times more searches for costume types online, with the top 4 (‘witch’, ‘zombie’, ‘ghost’ and ‘vampire’) experiencing the highest volume of purchases. That’s a fantastic field of language to make use of for SEO and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising.

As a certified Google Partner, Impression can maximise your visibility on the world’s largest search engine. Whether you have a mountain of Halloween products to hand, or merely an expanded range to chime with the season, it’s vital to strengthen your SEO strategy, helping you climb that search results ladder.

Mobile Optimisation

Astonishingly, 70% of UK smartphone users first learn about a product through an app or website. As the pool of tech-savvy consumers continues to grow, there’s an ever-increasing likelihood that someone will research Halloween purchases via their mobile device. That makes it doubly important to target your ads for smartphone and tablets, and ensure your website is mobile-friendly.

Subsequently, PPC ads have a massive advantage over organic search results, since mobile users will only see this selection before they scroll down. Catching someone in those initial few seconds can make or break a sale, especially important during a peak season like Halloween.

Google Remarketing

Consumers rarely jump into a purchase off-the-cuff. They’ll deliberate, compare prices, and look for various components of their outfit, using the scale of the internet to their advantage. Only then will they feel confident enough to give your product the green light.

Google remarketing nurtures these leads, stimulating interest and herding prospects towards a sale. By storing cookies in users’ browsing history, anyone who’s found your site will start to see tailored ads crop up on social media and search engine results pages, to ensure they eventually choose you over the competition.

The industry surrounding Halloween shows no sign of slowing down – there was a 16% jump in horror cinema interest from 2014-2015, whilst sales for the entire Halloween sector, as of last year, stand at £465 million. People are consistently willing to go all-out for this occasion, and we want you to benefit from great seasonal exposure.

Impression, with its Google Partner credentials, can help you take a slice of this lucrative market. Contact us to learn more about the digital marketing solutions we provide, and how your business could benefit…