Is print dead yet?

Since the dawn of the internet the rumour has spread that print is dead. Well we’re here to say that simply isn’t true. A survey in April conducted by Deliottes found that 80% of magazine readers in the UK still prefer to consume articles via print. And with brands like Air B’n’B, the totally online homeshare tool launching a printed mag, we’ve decided to look at the advantages of print over digital.

Tangibility – You can touch and feel print, it’s a physical thing. Newspapers and mags hang around offices for years, digital ads are gone in a click.

Credibility – Print feels legit, popups and banner ads increase digital noise. Also they pose a threat, spam! People avoid clicking on digital ad space, whereas print holds no digital danger.

Branding – Print is a winner when cementing your brand identity. Ensuring your brand identity is aesthetically consistent can help with recognition.

Target Marketing – Placing ads in specialist magazines can reach niche audiences that may be more difficult to target online.

More Engaging – Readers are more likely take the details in when reading printed material, because we’re all guilty skim reading online.

Less Print Ads – With more and more businesses migrating to the online world, the opened up ad space in the print world can be used as a clear marketing tool.

QR Codes – are an excellent way to bridge the gap between print and digital. Scanning a code with a smartphone will take you to a homepage or special offer that lives in the digital world.

The best way to get your brand out there is to utilize as many channels as possible and reach as many of your target audience as possible. Find the balance and utilize print people.

Ciao for now!

Impression DP