Print Finishing – Spice up your next marketing brochure

“Decorative finishes”, just like when sprucing up your house, plating a meal or simply decorating your Xmas tree, are the small elements that can make the difference between something simply “doing the job” or something really standing out from the crowd.  Spend £100k on a home extension…..well won’t look like it if you don’t pay a professional decorator the final £5k to skim your walls, tile your floors or paint your walls and think you can do it yourself.

Same goes with your next Marketing Brochure.  Whilst a printed and nicely bound A4 document will be perfectly functional and will impart all the information you mean to get across, ask yourself the question; what will make my brochure more memorable than that of my competitors?  There are a number of simple but highly effective “print finishes”, usually applied to just the outer covers, that will do just that for you; none of which cost the earth.  And each one will provide a look or a feel that will set yours apart.

  • Lamination: A plastic coating that will not simply help protect the cover of your brochure but also gives it a silky feel
  • Spot UV Varnish: Allows certain areas to be picked out in high gloss, usually done in conjunction with a matt lamination for increased contrast.  When cleverly used transforms the look of any item and makes it look “expensive”.
  • Foil Block: have your logo, key wording or decorative pattern in a foil.  And not just gold or silver, there are several high impact colours out there.  Stunning.
  • Embossing: Much like the foil block, have your logo or the like pushed through the back so it sits proud.
  • Die cutting: Have a corner, a hole or a shape cut into the front cover to reveal something on page one.  Simple but effective.

In short all the above, based on 1000 units, will cost between £100 and £250 with run ons pretty low in all cases.  This small additional cost really will though make all the difference and can be the deciding factor in ensuring it is your brochure, and therefore your company, that your clients and prospects remember.

Posted by: http://www.weareimpression.co.uk – ask to speak to Adam our print finish boffin!