The Secrets To Engaging Web Copy

What’s in a word? Well, if you’re a business owner, it can mean everything to the shape of your brand. Since anyone launching a venture pretty much needs an online market presence to survive, the importance of good copy has only swelled, and become more telling of just how much you value your trade and your customers.

Understandably, not everyone is a natural wordsmith, but there are a few measures you can take to inject your content with dynamism, ingenuity and a rhythm that keeps people coming back to your site. Read on for the secrets to engaging web copy:

Frame the experience 

We’ve all been baffled at some point by the laborious technical breakdown of a lawnmower, or the exact material specs of a camping tent that could be summed up in the phrase “waterproof”. While this information is digestible in small portions, you never want to go overboard when describing every angle, mould and composition of the products you’re selling.

By all means, list the benefits your customers can enjoy. But tie it into a mini-narrative, putting the user’s experience front and centre. Dry, exhaustive bullet points on every product page won’t inspire anyone.

Mix up your language

Writing well is quite an instinctive skill. One point to consider is how to modulate your content style, pinging between the occasional lengthy sentence and a healthy slew of smaller ones, with language that doesn’t get repetitive.

Also consider the value of rhetoric linking back to your target audience. Are you trying to find shared ground, as this very sentence is attempting to do? Then a rhetorical question might be suitable. Likewise, dot your content with word play and varied punctuation, as long as it’s in keeping with your overall tone.

Blog out of the box

It’s generally agreed that blog posts are fantastic SEO, and hooking random browsers that stumble across your site. You should use them as a means to these ends, but don’t neglect the freedom they provide: a blog is the purest distillation of your digital voice, and it deserves a swathe of ideas to play with.

As such, think hard about the subjects of conversation. You don’t want to make identikit posts trotting over well-worn ground. Always gravitate to what makes you excited about the industry you’re a part of – what’s new, inspiring and a little bit crazy.

Visual impact

So much of the internet’s staying power lies in a well-placed image. We’re always being bombarded with photos, videos and memes that almost sum up an entire subject in a few seconds of visual effects. Capitalising on our image-based sensibilities means your content will hold the eye for longer, pure and simple.

Also, consider how stodgy paragraphs appear to a web user seeking a quick answer to something. It sounds presumptive, but thick chunks of writing tend to intimidate people. Furthermore, your content will seem a lot more shareable once some retina-popping visuals are juicing it up.

There’s no magic key to unlocking beautiful copy from scratch, yet these pointers are the blueprint to online success. Once you take them on, and construct your own identity around these basic principles, there’s no telling how many people you might reach.

Of course, as a full service creative agency, we can do this for you. We’ll develop your website or paint it in a fresh coat of creativity, with copy that reflects your inimitable brand. Give us a call and let’s see where we end up together…