Why Shopping On Google Is Better Than Ever

‘Google’ is a name that distant tribes in the Amazon can probably recognise by now, so ubiquitous it is in our daily lives. The company is a giant of investment, tech, innovation, and ambitious social projects, so it’s no wonder they’re managing to deliver a bunch of new shopping features for their web browser too.

Businesses can do very well for themselves if they court the Google Shopping search list, getting products to the attention of the entire world. These incoming adjustments will make it easier than ever for a consumer to find what they want, and for eCommerce websites to entice customers over the finishing line.

Showcasing the players

Google searches are generally defined on quite broad terms: ‘red lipstick’, for example, can encompass many different shades and textures. The old Shopping system displays only one item from a retailer that fits into the search terminology. This presents an issue, because an online retailer can have dozens of products that fit the shopper’s description, but if only one of them comes up, both buyer and seller lose out

Thankfully, new updates are adding Shopping Showcase, letting businesses advertise several pieces from a certain range. Using our example again, ‘Midnight Cherry’ lipstick will sit alongside ‘Devil Fire’ or ‘Russian Red’, displaying more of what the brand in question has to offer. Retail locations in the user’s vicinity will also show up, as will sellers who don’t charge for delivery.

Cross-border assistance

Considering how smart Google’s user experience has become, there’s no reason why we should need to translate currency from one country to another. It’s a small point, but a relevant one – can independent businesses afford to lose international customers, just because Shopping ads don’t update currency automatically?

Currency conversions

Soon, all price displays will be converted to the user’s own currency. It’s a recognition of the fact that every second counts in the ruthless online market. It also means you can keep the prices on your website exactly as they are.

TrueView times

The last and (in our opinion) most welcome change is TrueView, a feature that allows Youtube videos to be integrated within the Shopping process. Since the site is one of the most-visited online locations, you can use the power of both platforms at once, which has to be good news for retailers who already harness influencer marketing and brand videos.

There will be a link to the brand website below it, with prices and product specs helping to qualify buyers before they make the click. Although Youtube already has brilliant potential for companies that have the foresight to use video marketing, these opportunities will now be linked directly to the Shopping platform, tying a brand’s multi-media campaigns together.

Trueview for shopping companion banner

Google are really pulling the stops out here, proving once again that they’re listening to their user base, drawing up simple ideas, and rolling them out with confidence. We fully expect these changes to make Google Shopping more accessible, especially for smaller businesses that don’t yet have major eCommerce clout.

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