Swarthmore Education Centre launch Tag a Tile campaign with VIP guests

Swarthmore Education Centre launched its Tag a Tile Campaign last week in a bid to raise funds for its roof which is in a severe state of disrepair.

The centre has been hosting a range of fundraising activities as it struggles to amass the £211,000 cost of the repairs.

The launch was attended by a wide range of supporters and included Rt. Hon Hilary Benn MP for Leeds Central and two members of the Leeds Rhino’s Liam Hood and Jamel Chisholm who attended later on in the week.

Attendees were invited to give a donation whilst they ‘tagged’ a tile, leaving their own personal message on its underside before being placed on the roof.

The messages left included dedications to loved ones and personal messages of support for the centre which has transformed the lives of countless adult learners who have passed through its doors since it opened in 1903.

Maggi Butterworth, Director of Swarthmore Education Centre said, “We have already received such tremendous support from such a wide variety of people and businesses and we are truly grateful.

“Having said this there is a very long way to go; we would appeal for anyone who would like to leave a message to feel free to drop into Swarthmore over the next few weeks where they will be able to sign a tile, leaving their message on the roof that will support the centre’s excellent work for future generations.”

The day raised in excess of £1000 and the event is expected to run for several weeks. Corporate sponsors are also being invited to sponsor a row of tiles with a suggested donation of ten pounds per tile.

Swarthmore’s main aim and most unique characteristic is to help people learn who have not or do not feel comfortable in more formal educational institutions. More than 2000 students enrol each year for one of the courses which range from start-up courses in the Arts, IT, Maths and English  through to more advanced leisure courses and CPCAB qualifications in Counselling and Personal Development.