The Use and Importance of Selfies

Here’s our opinion on the recent trend, selfies…

The selfie has come a long way, well definitely further than the end of a selfie stick. In the dawn of 2015 and the announcement of the first ever ‘selfie course’ offered by a UK college, alongside the earth shattering news of the upcoming release of Kim Kardashians debut book, Selfish– 365 pages of Kim featured selfies, we here at Impression thought it was time we took stock of the use and importance of the selfies.

The selfie is fast becoming the want of any celeb hunter, “if you didn’t get a selfie, it didn’t happen” belief is scouring the land. And the selfie is rapidly wiping out the value of the traditional autograph.  As we have discussed before the value of the visual is apparent in the digital world. Likeable and shareable content, like selfies work wonders in the social sphere. There are endless examples of where a perfectly placed selfie has taken the viral world by storm, Ellen and the ultimate Oscars and Christ the Redeemer are selfies that have changed the actual world.



So why can’t brands and business hop on the trend? Selfies can be used to display a new product, team or just give a target audience that all important insight into your world. I mean look at us at work with a few members of the team…

image 2

 Selfies have another purpose apart from being on trend, likeable, shareable content which can often edge it’s way into the viral world. Selfies, give a face to the digital world, they allow the person behind the account, the profile and the email to have a face. A real live person orchestrates the digital world! With the rise of Augmented Reality and the Internet of Things (IoT) we’d almost forgot. So for companies, businesses and brands a perfectly placed selfie can humanize and depict a sometimes flat (boring) message.

So whether you’re selfing for you, your company, business or brand remember to invoke your inner Kimmy Kardashian and get selfish with a selfie!

Ciao for now!

Impression DP