UX Choreography… What is it and why is it so important?

I’d never come across this term until recently but its importance in web design and development is so great, it can’t be ignored and must be recognised and implemented at the start of any project. 

We can define UX Choreography as…

A combination of motion and interface design to directly enhance the user experience.


So why is it so important?…

Provides visual feedback

As humans we are receptive to feedback, on an emotional level in the real world we get frustrated if something doesn’t work as it should. This principle applies to the web too, if you click a button and nothing happens, we get annoyed. It could be that the website is working behind the scenes and loading the new page content, but if you don’t tell the user that they will just leave and claim your website isn’t working. A simple way of integrating motion and design is by applying a pre loader, this shows the user that the website is loading and working as it should. 

Drives attention and focus

Motion captures a users eye and can directly influence behaviour, we are programmed to pay attention to moving objects, its just the way our eyes and brains work. Controlling this with speed and timing is a real art, getting this spot on will aid the user in completing the task you want them them to undertake. 

Provides greater possibilities for design

As a web designer myself, as I create every element on the page I am thinking about how it will react with content surrounding it and what will happen if the user starts interacting with it.

Animation possess so many different techniques and possibilities that you can tailor it to enhance brand values, for example a brand such as innocent drinks may implement lots of fun animations and movements to delight the user and make for a much more memorable experience.

 The possibilities of what I can now do to enhance my designs have gone through the roof and just makes this industry as exciting as it was when I started 5 years ago.