The Virtues of Account-Based Marketing for B2B Targets

Consistency is key in lead nurturing, something that often falls short in the transition between sales and marketing teams. One focuses on generating interest and leads, whilst the other swoops in to close a deal. But those distinctions are beginning to blur, thanks to the onset of ABM (Account-Based Marketing).

Since elevating brands and marketing strategies is what we do best, Impression wants to outline how ABM is kicking up a storm in the b2b sphere, and how it can benefit you.

“ABM? Never heard of it…”

This approach is all about intelligence – both in the sense of gathering information, and shepherding personal desires, giving the right people what they want at the right time. ABM involves isolating decision-makers in a business, using SAAS platforms to target key individuals based on their IP address.

So, instead of learning whether an executive is interested in your products or services after the initial pitch is made, ABM shifts the focus to discovering who is looking at your website, what a company might want from you, and how often they return to a page.

Marketing then aims to skew decision-makers’ curiosity towards a firm purchase, by exposing them to tailored campaigns. From retargeting to follow-up emails and calls, this software puts processes in place to nurture leads until they are ready to buy…

The finer details

By following the trail of a browser through your website, and feeding their behaviour back to you, ABM software allows you to take a more personal approach to high value b2b leads. This aligns to the growing trend of replacing universal sales techniques with more sophisticated, customised campaigns.

Social data can also be mined, getting you up to speed with key phrases a company is throwing out in the digital realm, or news about the company’s exploits and who manages them. Further info can be gleaned from advanced analytics, which predicts how far a prospect is from a purchase.

What ABM means for you

There are many advantages to ABM integration. The most obvious is a vastly reduced number of man hours wasted on leads that aren’t going anywhere; instead of plying a lower-tier or irrelevant decision-maker with marketing collateral, you can direct resources to where the highest returns are likely to be made.

Another step forward is greater insight into your customers. Plenty of businesses assume their demographic is static, but ABM collects the real-time data you need to ensure your campaigns remain relevant to your audience. Having a deeper knowledge of what draws people to your door, as well as what makes them come back, can only boost your turnover if you match that discovery with solid branding and social engagement.

Impression have followed ABM development with a raised eyebrow, recognising what it can do for any b2b venture wanting to maximise its influence. Digital marketing is something we’re very passionate about, and the latest trends in this area point towards a revolutionised form of engagement. Forgive us for getting excited…

Got any questions about account-based marketing? Get in touch with Impression to discuss the direction your next campaign should take.