Why use a litho printer?

Litho printing is most suitable when quantities of print are larger or highest quality of print are required.

Volume litho print runs

Litho printing presses tend to take longer to set up when compared to digital print presses, however litho comes into its own because there’s no ‘click charge’ for each additional copy produced. This means that other than the cost of the paper itself and a bit of ink for each sheet, run-ons beyond the initial set up copies are relatively cheap with litho printing.


Heidelberg litho printing press ideal for high volume printing

Speed of litho print runs

Litho printing is very fast. Let me qualify that. Once the printing press has been set up, it’s very fast. In fact 10,000’s of sheets of A4 can be printed an hour on a B1 Heidelberg printing press. The actual sheet size is B1, which means up to 9 sheets of A4 printed in a single pass.  No digital solution can match this kind of speed.

Quality of litho print runs

It’s important to appreciate that the way that the image is added to the paper is completely different on a litho printing press. A screen (thousands of tiny dots) is printed onto the page. If you recall how newspapers used to look up close – hundreds of in the old days not so small dots – then you’ll know what I’m talking about.  Nowadays the dots are tiny and the quality of litho printing is unsurpassed by any other form of printing – including digital.

Price of litho printing

Generally speaking. If it’s a longer print run (say more than 1,000 copies) then litho printing is liable to be cheaper than the digital equivalent. This is however rather like

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