More Than Word of Mouth: Content Ideas for Local Businesses

Finding your niche and playing to its strength is dynamite for a local business. Although practically anyone can establish an online venture, some companies prefer to focus on their doorstep, marketing themselves to a very specific demographic.

Like any corner of your promotional strategy, web content must reflect this. Forming a local content strategy is your main pair of hands for grabbing people by the throat. The means of doing so aren’t overly complicated. They just take a bit of forward thinking…

Nail your interests

Just because you have a regional or localised demographic in mind, you don’t have to limit your viewpoint. Whatever’s going on in your industry, it deserves world-class attention from yours truly: insights, comparisons, thoughtful summations of the latest news and trends.

When you blog, link to related articles that strengthen or counterpoint your writing, and ask for readers to share their thoughts in the comments section or via social media. By crafting an intelligent, engaging identity online, people are bound to be drawn to your ambition.

Grant behind-the-scenes access

More than ever, consumers have a vested curiosity in what they’re buying. Social media and real-time updates have conditioned us towards a kind of commercial voyeurism – we expect to see the process of making something, or testing an idea, before we deem it authentic.

Instagram is a brilliant tool for this, since you can pull the figurative curtain back, showing people what you’re doing behind the scenes. With the right hashtags, you’ll create a buzz amongst local residents and generate leads for your business.

Reviews are the clincher

Not all valuable content comes directly from your fingertips. Local services and products are usually launched on a sense of trust: honest goods, wholesome staff and a real sense of community.

Promote the consumer bond by encouraging reviews and star ratings, a great tactic for ecommerce sites, bars and restaurants. Respond to their feedback, both positive and negative; glowing reviews are just asking for your thanks, whilst bad comments look more conspicuous if you don’t express sympathy and solutions to the problem.

A solid newsletter

Email marketing can hook subscribers in to what you’re all about. Someone who’s given you their email address has a conscious desire in mind: ‘Give me more of that, that’s what I want!’ You’d be remiss to ignore that hunger. Satiate them with personalised email content, linking cleverly to your latest deals and events.

Building a consumer base is arguably easier when you’re focusing on a local area, but resist the urge to rest on your laurels. These clever content ideas allow you to go beyond word of mouth, taking control of consumer perceptions of your brand and drumming up more business than ever.

Impression can work out the best approach for your business, keeping your local demographic in mind every step of the way. Sound like a plan? Get in touch to start the next phase of your marketing strategy today.