A step in the right digital direction

Large Outdoors was formed after a gap in the market emerged for a less-serious guided walking and outdoor activities brand, with the focus on having fun and catering for all needs and abilities.

In order to bring Large Outdoors to the masses and spread the word, Impression were selected to re-brand the company with a strong and unique identity that would amplify their brand positioning further. As well as this we were to re-design and develop the website as the old site was incredibly dated and not responsive. Large Outdoor’s mission is to encourage and help members explore the great outdoors whilst having a great time. We devised a range of positioning statements to further establish the brand values across to new visitors. These were ‘Make Friends, Go Places, Have Fun’ and ‘Discover, Experience & Enjoy!’, immediately you understand the proposition and ultimately what they stand for.

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Our digital thinking

A huge part of the brand and digital strategy was to show other members having a great time no matter how fit they are. Many new members feel like they wouldn’t be able to manage a lot of the walks on offer, the events Large Outdoors offer are suitable for people of all abilities and so we made sure the event difficulty was really easy to understand and search for. The new site structure is equipped for new and current users to be able to find what they want and even inspire users to find an event that is perfectly suited to them.

The results are in

The overall aim of this project was to provide Large outdoor’s with a consistent look across all consumer touch points. Everywhere the brand appears; the brand identity, imagery, colour palette and copy now communicate a unified message. The outcome is a fully responsive digital platform, allowing the brand to grow and inspire members with an easier browsing and purchasing experience. The brand positioning is no longer hidden but amplified by the new identity and content across the website and social media platforms.

  • First Month Increase in Revenue


  • Broken Links Resolved


  • Organic Traffic Increase


A mix of client knowledge, our insight & user testing, we brought the brand experience to the forefront of the site through consistent messaging and clever content

Not forgetting mobile!

The website experience is as good on mobile as desktop and tablet, it was key that the browsing experience wasn’t hampered by screen size and so we developed the website with all the latest functionality to be able to browse, search and buy with ease. With mobile sessions and conversions on the rise, it is now imperative that all steps are taken to ensure a super smooth mobile experience.