Giving Napoleons Casinos a brand overhaul to empower them for future growth

Napoleons Casinos & Restaurants are a great night out offering quality food and service in a personal, relaxed atmosphere.

With a natural shift towards mobile usage, Napoleons had an outdated, slow and non-responsive website. We were appointed to re-focus and overhaul the website with an emphasis on mobile user behaviour, showcasing events and offers and finding out opening times, prices and current restaurant menus.

After analysing every brand touchpoint, it became apparent that different iterations of the identity were being used. We updated the visual identity with a new colour scheme and supporting font so all variations of the logo were consistent. A new set of brand guidelines were also created with a whole host of brand assets all focussed and designed for digital application. Their brand strap line of ‘Make it a night to remember’, is still very relevant and so all efforts were made to emphasise this through colour, typefaces and photography.

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Planning from the start

Customer journey mapping is an integral part of our process, we planned on page content and functionality right from the start to ensure when we arrived at the creative stage, the user interface design would only enhance the experience. Wireframes for us are key to establishing a low-fidelity prototype, so we can take on-board criticism and alter where necessary.

wire, test, tweak, repeat.

Mobile user behaviour

We have already mentioned the importance on mobile for this project so we brought 2 keys areas out of the off-canvas main navigation to help users book a reservation in a restaurant or find their nearest casino. The statistics from the old website were so dramatic, that a huge effort was made defining content for a smooth mobile browsing experience.

  • Traffic from Mobile (old site)


  • Bounce Rate (old site)


Making bookings

In this project we integrated with ResDiary, this is their CRM system for restaurant bookings. We worked with their widget so that customers can make bookings through the website. Through our brand discovery sessions, a big reason people visit the casinos is to go to the restaurants that serve quality dishes. It was important to showcase this to new visitors and make sure that the menus were easily accessible.

A reason to keep coming back

Everyone loves a good offer and Napoleons have plenty to shout about! Making the events and offers part of the website flexible and easy enough for a customer to navigate was essential. We designed a featured events & offers section so that the marketing team can push content to the user whilst having the ability to filter events & offers to their liking.

Ongoing work

We were thrilled to be chosen as the agency to lead this brand and website project and since delivering these aspects we have been busy helping the business in other areas of marketing. Designing a customer engagement piece at Leeds Bradford airport being our favourite as its a fun way of interacting with the brand through social media channels. We have also updated all the menus, created billboards and other printed collateral in the casinos.