Delivering digital innovation in the healthcare sector

PhysioCam is a pioneering brand looking to change the way patients go about seeing a physio.

PhysioCam approached us to create their new brand identity and develop the online video conferencing tool using WebRTC technology. The system is now being offered to large scale businesses as an employee benefit tool, to reduce employee time off work. The solution is easily accessible through a CRM system whereby an appointment would be made, then an email is automatically generated with a web url link alongside a date and time.

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Powerful & easy to operate

We have configured the system to record the session duration, turn the video feed on & off and check whether the browser you’re using is supported by the technology. With 87% of young professionals preferring to work for a more “video-enabled” business, it is easy to see that PhysioCam is destined for success. Read our blog to find out more about webRTC.

In 2017, around 70% of video conferencing calls will be placed from a mobile smart device. We've developed the system to be flexible enough that this is managed with ease.